The secret to successful evangelism is for the church members and the pastor to be unified in one harmonious effort.  When we see our people working together for the salvation of souls, we will see God's work accomplished.  A dynamic part of this ministry is in the local church is hosting a public evangelism series.  It serves as a wonderful tool in presenting the three angel’s message and coming along side the Holy Spirit in leading people to salvation.

Here are some of the resources for my series of meetings.  Included here you will find the Keynote (Mac) and Powerpoint (PC) formats of my presentations, the manuscript handouts (pdf) of each of the presentations, links to videos and other helpful stuff.





Other Resources


    Prayer Requests.pdf

    Praying Cards.pdf

    Question Cards.pdf

Videos Links

1. On the Eve of Armageddon- Link

2. Confidence In The Crisis - Link

3. The Real Star Wars - Link

4. Beyond The Terror - Link

5. Exposing The Cultic Agenda - Link

6. Violence In America - Link

7. A Special Time of Peace - Link

8. The Greatest Religious Cover-Up - Link

9. A Thief In The Night - Link

10. Facing The Judgment - Link

11. The Beginning of the End - Link

12. The Heart of Spiritualism - Link

13. Jesus- A Tyrant? - Link

14. It Pays to Read the Owner's Manual - Link

15. The Water and the Blood - Link

16. The Bible's Millennium - Link

17. Revelation's Four Horsemen - Link

18. Revelation's Remnant - Link

19. The Mark of the Beast - Link

20. The US in Bible Prophecy - Link

21. Proving the Prophets - Link

22. The Voice in the Wilderness - Link

23. The Unpardonable Sin - Link