Creating a Church Launch Plan

Creating a Launch Strategy will force you to clarify your vision, give you a focusing tool for everything you and your team do leading up to launch, and come in really handy for your fundraising efforts.

Launch Plan Answers:

1. Why are you planting this church?

2. Who are you trying to reach?

3. Who is going to be planting with you?

4. How much is it going to cost?

5. How is it going to get funded?

6. What kind of church will it be?

7. How will you build your launch team?

Purpose of Launch Plan:

1. Something clear and concise in writing

2. Focuses your vision

3. Fundraising mechanism

4. Recruiting tool

5. Get feedback from experienced planters

6. Help with priority focus

7. Helps monitor progress

Things to Include in Launch Plan:

1. A Letter from the Lead Planter

2. Purpose of this Strategy

3. Our Leadership

4. Vision, Mission, Values     

5. Our Context

6. Our Dream for Opening Day

7. Guest Experience

8. The Timeline

9. The Budget

10. How We’re Going to Do This

Sample Launch Plans

Here is a list of sample Launch Plans to help give you an idea of what to include in your church's launch plan.  Please share your Launch Plans with me.

Journey Point Prospectus

City Church

Gateway to the Rockies

Grace Hills Prospectus

Mercy Road Master Plan

Mission Church Perspectus

New Creation Master Plan

Open Church

Vintage Grace Master Plan

Beltsville Church DC Campus

Beltsville Church Online Campus