Welcome to Discover Prophecy, an exciting study of Daniel, Revelation and the prophecies that affect our day. My goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for you to learn how to understand Bible prophecy.

I started Discover Prophecy twenty years ago as a ministry to take away the mystique and fear of Bible Prophecy.  Probably no other Bible topic has been more misunderstood and confused than prophecy.  And it doesn’t need to be. Once people attend Discover Prophecy they learn that they can understand prophecy on their own.

Discover Prophecy is designed for people of all ages and faiths. It provides a positive learning environment for people of different religious persuasions to study the Bible. Non-Christians have enjoyed the presentations as well, since they can explore the Bible with freedom to come to their own conclusions.


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Videos Links

1. On the Eve of Armageddon- Link

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3. The Real Star Wars - Link

4. Beyond The Terror - Link

5. Exposing The Cultic Agenda - Link

6. Violence In America - Link

7. A Special Time of Peace - Link

8. The Greatest Religious Cover-Up - Link

9. A Thief In The Night - Link

10. Facing The Judgment - Link

11. The Beginning of the End - Link

12. The Heart of Spiritualism - Link

13. Jesus- A Tyrant? - Link

14. It Pays to Read the Owner's Manual - Link

15. The Water and the Blood - Link

16. The Bible's Millennium - Link

17. Revelation's Four Horsemen - Link

18. Revelation's Remnant - Link

19. The Mark of the Beast - Link

20. The US in Bible Prophecy - Link

21. Proving the Prophets - Link

22. The Voice in the Wilderness - Link

23. The Unpardonable Sin - Link