Preparing for a Successful Series

In this video series I explain how to prepare for a successful evangelistic campaign.  Many today are saying that the traditional evangelistic series no longer works.  I don’t think so!  

There certainly are dynamics that have changed (such as the rate of return on a brochure), but the problem is not the series.  If a church views the Bible prophecy series as a yearly reaping event, they will find people making decisions.

In these four video sessions, I take the time to explain that in order to have a successful reaping series, you will want to take the time to prepare your church and community in order to get them there, plan ahead for good biblical preaching and how to call for decisions.

You can download the outline for the series here.

Public Evangelism: An Introduction

Public Evangelism Part 1: Getting People to the Meetings

Public Evangelism Part 2: Good Biblical Preaching

Public Evangelism Part 3: Visitation: Calling for Decisions