Strategic Planning in the Local Church

Leaders in the local church hold a sacred responsibility to discern God’s ideal for the church, align everything toward that end, and to be intentionally obedient by maximizing its full redemptive potential for God. 

Designed specifically for local church leaders, this training series examines the subject of strategic planning.  We look at how as a church, once we understand where we are today and where He is calling us, we can allow God to work through us in the planning and execution of His mission in our communities.

In these four videos sessions, I take the time to explain how church leaders can help their churches be intentional about their mission.

You can download the outline for the series here.

Is your church prepared to minister to those God desires to bring each week?

Does your church have a system of assimilating guests and new members into the church body?

Are You Connecting with Guests?

The heart of God is actively drawing people to Himself. In an effort to bring the lost into a saving relationship with Him, God often will draw that person to His church, the stewards of the mysteries of grace, where they might work in cooperation with God.  Dr. Tim Madding looks at the subject of biblical hospitality and how as a church, we can best prepare for and minister to our family, friends and neighbors that God brings to us.