Developing an Intentional Discipleship Track

Looking to plant a church or campus and want to make sure you have everything in mind?  Before you begin planting, consider taking some time tomput together a plan that considers the systems and strategies needed to plant a growing, effective church.

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New Church Systems- Planting a Healthy Church

“But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.” 1 Corinthians 14:40

“Means will be devised to reach hearts.  Some of the methods used in this work will be different from the methods used in the work in the past; but let no one, because of this, block the way by criticism.”  Ellen G. White, Review & Herald, September 30, 1902

1. Worship Service System

How we plan, execute and evaluate the weekend service at our church

2. Evangelism System

How we attract people to our church.

3. Assimilation System

How we move people from first time guests to members at our church.

4. Small Groups System

How we fill and reproduce small groups at our church.

5. Ministry System

How we mobilize people for significant ministry at our church.

6. Stewardship System

How we develop extravagant givers at our church.

7. Leadership System

How to equip and train leaders and volunteers in our church.

8. Strategy System

How we evaluate the mission focus in our church.

New Church Strategies- Creating a Launch Timeline

“The work you are engaged in cannot be done except by forces which are the result of well-understood plans.”  Ellen G. White, Evangelism, pg. 94

Defining a preferable of launch day and onward.

     ◊ What kind of church plant will it be?

     ◊ Identify critical non-negotiables.


     ◊ Prayer team

     ◊ Vision casting

     ◊ Communication

     ◊ Core group development

     ◊ Small groups

     ◊ Marketing

     ◊ Facilities

     ◊ Equipment

     ◊ Staffing

     ◊ Finance/fundraising

     ◊ Outreach

     ◊ Community networking

     ◊ Ministries

     ◊ Teams/Leadership

     ◊ Processes

     ◊ Discipleship

Grouping and Sequencing

     ◊ Grouping: Look for logical groupings of the tasks, compile into milestones.

     ◊ Sequencing: What order do you follow to accomplish tasks?  What needs to be done first?


     ◊ Begin with launch date and work backwards

     ◊ Things have to be done in order

     ◊ Can’t decide last minute!!!!!

          EX: Direct Mail Campaign


Assigning an amount of money to accomplish tasks.

     ◊ Launch Day Budget

     ◊ Ongoing Budget

Assigning Tasks

     ◊ You can’t do it yourself

     ◊ Establish a culture of delegation


An online tool to help you start a new church or multisite campus. It helps you keep track of all the details so you do the right things at the right time, and in the right order.