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I truly believe that it is Christ's will that the local church be a church of significance in its community; that we are actively fulfilling the mission He has called us to.  But I also know that in order for me to lead His church to that reality, I need to spend time on my knees seeking Him and His direction and that I need to learn from others who are actually doing it.  This sight is designed to give insight for pastors and church leaders that desire to focus on the mission by sharing what is working in the local church and explore means of becoming more effective for the sake of the Gospel.

-Pastor Tim Madding

Featured Resources

Check ourt the new four-part DVD study series on Biblical Hospitality in the local church.

Biblical Hospitality

A two-part message series that casts the vision of mission and church planting for the local church.

The Table Revisited

Successful Series

A series of videos explaining how to prepare your church for a successful evangelistic series of meetings.

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Learn More

Learn More


Check out some of new training resources

Always trying to deliver relevant resources to assist the local church in fulfilling the mission of Jesus.


A Nine-part Message series  looking at the stories and prophecies in the Book of Daniel,.

A Seven-part message series on living out the principles of the Kingdom of God

Six-part message series on the the Gospel, evangelism and the purpose of the church.

The Book of Daniel

Seven Days Without

Discover Prophecy

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